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Decontamination lock – 

multiple decontamination method chamber

Steelco Air Shower AS 1000 is designed to remove surface contamination from personnel prior entering a lower level contaminated environment.




Equipment and services for the cleaning and disinfection of reusable medical instruments. Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.


Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.


Main resources have been dedicated to the development of reprocessing solutions for the most advanced surgery robotic instruments, for flexible endoscopes and, unique in the market, validated pass-through TEE probes reprocessing.


The ARES product range for endoscope reprocessing comprehends automated endoscope reprocessors, drying and storage cabinets, as well as SteelcoData full control system for traceability, remote device monitoring and data management.


Systems and devices for automatic washer disinfectors.

High productivity solutions for the CSSD

Multichamber washing systems, loading and unloading automations

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High capacity

Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity from 12 up to 18 DIN trays 1/1

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Medium Capacity

Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity

up to 10 DIN trays 1/1

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Small capacity

Range of instrument washer disinfectors with load capacity up to 1 DIN tray 1/1

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Accessories for Da Vinci Instruments

Accessories for validated automated Da Vinci reprocessing (Intuitive Surgical)

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Automatic washer disinfectors for nursing homes and geriatric wards

Professional washing and disinfection to improve the hygiene standard.

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Cart and Trolley

High productivity cabin washer disinfectors individually adapted in more than 7 sizes.

LC 20

The most compact trolley washer disinfector ever existed on the market.


A complete and multipurpose device despite its small size!

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LC 70

Large capacity, hinged door trolley washer disinfector.


Available in 2250mm and 3000mm chamber deep.

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LC 80

Large capacity, sliding door trolley washer disinfector.


Available in 2250mm and 3000mm chamber deep

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The wide chamber, sliding door solutions suitable for hospital bed frames and operating tables. These are the models with a 1200mm (47.24") width washing chamber.

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Lifting Platforms

For the same ergonomics and operator safety as a pit installed washer disinfector but without the need of a pit!

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Perfect cleanliness even on the most intricate shapes. Steelco ultrasonic treatment devices are designed for full integration in automated CSSD solutions.

US 300

Ultrasonic cleaning, channel flushing and thermal disinfection.

Complete treatment solution for complex micro surgical instruments

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US 80

Benchtop pre-treatment device for hollow instruments with Steelco Active Flushing Technology.

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US 100 - US 200

Ultrasonic cleaning systems: the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation.

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US 900/1000

Steelco US 1000 has been designed to conveniently integrate surgical instruments ultrasonic cleaning function into an automated CSSD reprocessing solution.

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Configurations dedicated to surgical instruments, anaesthesia items and blanket warming.

ID 300

An instrument drying cabinet with fully dedicated shelves.

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AD 400

A mixed solution drying cabinet for anaesthesia items and surgical instruments.

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BD 500

A full width shelves cabinet dedicated to blanket warming.

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Ares Flexible

The key factors to avoid cross contaminations: process planning, device effectiveness, total monitoring and event traceability.

EPW 100 S

Manual cleaning phase assistance with OCS system.


Fast, easy and traceable manual washing!

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EW 1

Steelco range of compact endoscope reprocessors.


Versions dedicated to: stand alone, pass through and multiple devices installed on a rack.

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EW 1 S

Automated endoscope reprocessor with One-time Connection System.


Automatic door opening and ergonomic loading.

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EW 2

The most advanced Automated Endoscope Reprocessor.


Synchronous reprocessing capacity of two flexible endoscopes: single door and double door pass-through versions

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EW 2 S

High productivity AERs for the most challenging work peaks.


Synchronous reprocessing capacity of 2 or 3 flexible endoscopes: single door and double door pass-through versions.

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ED 100

Cabinet for the drying and storage of flexible endoscopes.


Instruments horizontally placed into mesh trays.

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ED 150

Cabinet for the drying and storage of flexible endoscopes.


Instruments hanging vertically

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ED 200

PLC controlled cabinet for the drying and storage of flexible endoscopes.


Instruments horizontally placed into cassettes or mesh trays

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ED 250

PLC controlled cabinet for the drying and storage of flexible endoscopes.


Instruments hanging vertically.

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ED 200 S

Drying cabinet for the flexible endoscopes.


Instruments horizontally placed into mesh trays with OCS system.

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Steelco process chemicals

Optimal performance with Steelco process chemicals.


Double ISO 15883-4 & ISO 14937 combination compliance.

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Adapters and connectors

The ARES program complete range of manufacturer-specific connectors.

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Steelco compliant and validated TEE probe reprocessing solution.

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SteelcoData, discover the benefits of a fully integrated suites.

SteelcoData Live

Allows you to see in real time as well as historic records of machine performance, cycles performed, any alarms as well as utility consumption.

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SteelcoData Ares

Enables you to track endoscopes and their reprocessing from the patient room through each stage of reprocessing, transportation and storage until they are ready to be used on the next patient.

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Complete range of CSSD furniture, equipments and accessories.

CSSD furniture and accessories

Complete workflow solutions. Properly designed central sterilization departments facilitate the efficient one-way flow of instruments between soiled, clean and sterile areas, reduce the risks to staff and patients of cross contamination whilst providing an optimal work environment.

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Small ultrasonic cleaners

Range of small benchtop and built in ultrasonic units up to 1 Din basket capacity. US 10, US 18, US 21, US 28, US 46 versions.

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Steelco PS Pouch sealer range

The Steelco range of rotary pouch sealers and accessories ensure the aseptic integrity of single use sealable pouches by consistently providing a perfect seal.

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Uncompromised continuity in surgical instrument reprocessing during your CSSD construction works

Mobile CSSD Solution 70

Steelco Mobile CSSD 70 is a fully functioning and validated CSSD for temporary use.

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