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Rodent Anesthesia

Rodent Anesthesia Systems

  • AD-5000

  • EZ-SA800 Single Animal System

  • EZ-7000 Classic System

  • EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System

Extra Options

  • Breathing Devices

  • Imaging Breathers

  • Induction Chambers

  • BioVac Chamber

  • Heating Devices

  • Vaporizer

  • Oxygen Regulation

  • Ventilator

  • Waste Gas Management

  • Workstations

  • Accessories



Rodent Anesthesia System Features


  • Easy setup and operation

  • Systems with multiple gas outputs allow simultaneous treatment of up to four animals

  • Maintainable level plane of anesthesia for several hours

  • Heated surgical beds and induction chamber

  • Reliable safety for personnel and animals

The Auto Flow System features an automatic five output manifold that does not require flowmeters.

The Classic System incorporates a manual five output manifold that includes a new flowmeter configuration that improves upon the original E-Z Anesthesia design.

The Single Animal System offers an economical choice for single animal treatment.


For more than twenty-five years E-Z Systems has been a pioneering leader in the animal facilities. Thousands of researchers rely on their well-designed, quality products to support their work.

EZ-Systems continues to respond to industry needs with constantly evolving, innovative new products, including a powerful RFID animal data management system.

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